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Wildlife Welcome!

Wildlife Welcome!

-We proudly work with The Watkins Wildlife Rehab and have been doing so for over thirty years now. Caring for orphaned animals, Owners John and Carolyn have been rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife for the past forty years. They have raised everything from baby squirrels all the way up to black bears. Some wildlife require medical attention before they can be released or rehabilitated. That’s where we come into the picture.

-Tips to remember:

  • Wild animals do not always stay around their young. Although from time to time you may think you have found some orphaned animals the mother is usually near by.
  • If you find a wild animal that is a baby or juvenile, do not touch or try and move them. You can monitor the area and see if the mother comes back before taking them out of their environment.
  • Fledglings (Baby birds that are staring to get their feathers)- They will leave the nest before they are fully able to fly, But the parents are usually always nearby.



Some of the wildlife that we have seen:

Bald Eagle:


ethan and Eagle byrd and eagle
baby squirrels IMG_5387[1]
byrd and mandy MANDY AND BIRD


 Watkins Wildlife Rehab Open House June 6, 2015