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Senior Wellness Program

Is your cat or dog over 7 years old?

Pets over the age of 7 are more prone to certain diseases, many of which are preventable if caught early.

These include:

Dental Disease (#1 problem in older pets)
We see 8-10 cases per DAY
Tumors and Cancers
We see several cases every day
We see 2-3 cases per WEEK
Diabetes  (Dog and Cat)
We see 2-3 cases per WEEK
Kidney Disease
We see 2 to 3 cases per MONTH
Thyroid Imbalance
We see 1 to 2 cases per MONTH
Liver Disease
We see 1 case every other MONTH
Cognitive Disorder Dysfunction
We see 4 – 6 cases every YEAR
Heart Disease
We see 5-6 cases every MONTH
We see 1 case every MONTH

Early Detection = Better Outcome

Skyview Animal Clinic introduces our Senior @ Seven program.  In this program we perform a comprehensive senior wellness examination every 6 months.  We also run a complete blood work, urinalysis evaluation to detect any early onset of disease.  With these services we can detect problems earlier and save lives.

Click here to see what the blood work includes.